Penrose step, second V14 | 8B+ for Anna Stöhr

Austrian star Anna Stöhr has climbed Penrose step, in Leavenworth, Washington. This is her second V14 | 8B+ after New Baseline, which she climbed back in April.

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After (almost) running out of time, skin, energy, and good weather, yesterday I managed to climb Leavenworth’s testpiece 'Penrose step' V14 !!!!

Stöhr has been in Washington, along with Kilian Fischhuber, to take part in the Northwest Boulderfest, at Seattle Boulder Project (they ended up second and first respectively).

So far, Stöhr has climbed 9 problems graded V13 | 8B or harder. Just this year she climbed Meadowlark Lemon, Steppenwolf (both V13 | 8B) and New Base Line (V14 | 8B+).

Penrose step, previously known as the ladder project, was first climbed by Carlo Traversi in 2013 (video). Alex Puccio was close to sending it earlier this year.

Una publicación compartida por Anna Stöhr (@anna_stoehr) el

Stöhr on WAS V8 | 7B+

Kilian Fischhuber climbing The Teacup V13 | 8B


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