Penrose Step, V14 by Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio has climbed her fourth V14 (8B+), Penrose Step, in Leavenworth, Washington state. Puccio was very close to climbing the problem about a year ago, when she fell from the top.

Puccio topping Penrose Step

“I got revenge on “Penrose Step” V14 / 8B+ yesterday!!! I fell off the very end a year ago and yesterday I got to stand on top of this AMAZING line!”
Puccio on Instagram

Carlo Traversi opened Penrose Step in 2013; Anna Stöhr pulled off the first female ascent last November.

This is Puccio’s second visit to Leavenworth, last year, during a short trip, she climbed a ton of hard boulders, including The Teacup (V13 | 8B), which she climbed in just one day.

In this trip, she has climbed other double digits like Turbulence (V12 | 8A+) or Beautification (V11 | 8A).

Puccio on Turbulence

Puccio will skip some World Cups reports that Puccio won’t compete in IFSC events until the summer, when she will do both bouldering and lead competitions. It looks like her first international event of the season will be the World Cup in Vail.


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