Petra Klingler, epic bronze medal with an injured knee

Petra Klingler offered yet another emotional and inspiring performance last week in Saas Fee. The Bouldering World Champion injured her left knee while climbing in the final of the Ice Climbing World Cup but refused to give up and kept climbing, using mostly just one leg, fighting through the pain and the tears, and managed to make podium.

Apparently, the knee is looking relatively good, despite a couple of overstretched ligaments and a squeezed meniscus. She should be ready to climb her best in the first Bouldering World Cup of the season, which will take place in Meiringen, Switzerland, in April.

Klingler is one of the most versatile climbers out there, having competed in all three IFSC disciplines and won many medals in Ice Climbing events. Last year her victory in the World Championships in Paris was one of the most exciting and emotional moments of the season.

The determination and character she displayed in Saas Fee proved her, once again, one of the most inspiring figures in climbing and one of the best ambassadors the sport.

Una foto publicada por Klingler Petra (@klingler_petra) el

Picture by Vladek Zumr.

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