Preview | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

The Asian Tour of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup comes to an end in Japan. Hachioji will host the 4th event of the season, in which the Japanese team is the absolute favorite after their impressive results in China.

Update: The qualifiers will be streamed live!

Give the exploding Japanese indoor climbing scene, the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, and a national team that is gathering record-breaking results comp after comp, the World Cup in Hachioji seems to be the perfect storm for Japanese climbing fans.

Nothing is off the table. Two golds? Why not, wouldn’t be the first time. 50% of climbers in finals being Japanese? It happened last week.

That said, last year in Kazo, the team had a bit of hard time. The pressure from media, fans, and sponsors was intense and stars like Akiyo Noguchi, Tomoa Narasaki, Tsukuru Hori or Rei Sugimoto had modest results. But with such a big team and so much talent, all bases were covered and Japan still got two bronze medals (won by Kokoro Fujii and Miho Nonaka).

This year, just with Watabe, Nonaka, Narasaki, Fujii, Noguchi, Kotake, Onoe, Sugimoto or Harada (all of them finalists in 2017), good results (even medals) feel inevitable. And if they are not enough the team still can count on a long list of top-shelf climbers (Oda, Yoshiyuki, Murai, Nakano…)

The rest of the starting list is pretty similar to that of Nanjing, with exceptions like the presence of the Australians (with James Kassay as flagship), some more Italians (Gabri Moroni and Stefan Scarperi, among others, are back) and more Americans (like Daniel Woods or Margo Hayes).

Sadly, team Russia will be missing Dmitry Sharafutdinov, who’s not on the list. And Rustam Gelmanov seems to be having some muscular problems, he may not compete.

You can check the entire starting list here.

Route setters
Chris Danielson, from the USA, will be chief route setter. He’ll be assisted by Laurent Laporte and Gen Hirashima.

Schedule (Timezone: UTC+9)

Saturday 6

Sunday 7
09:00 – Semifinals – (live at
14:30 – Female Final – (live at
15:50 – Male Final – (live at

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