Preview | La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

The most exclusive competition of the season is around the corner. La Sportiva Legends Only takes place this Saturday in Stockholm. 5 of the best boulderers on the planet will have 3 tries to send 5 very hard problems.

Watch the comp at 20:00 (CET) on Saturday (the 26th) at

The lineup of this 2016 edition is jaw-dropping:

  • Jimmy Webb
  • Jongwon Chon
  • Kokoro Fujii
  • Rustam Gelmanov
  • Alex Megos

V16 senders, World Cup medalists, Overall World Cup champions… this comp has it all.

The World Champion, Tomoa Narasaki, was supposed to compete, but sadly he injured himself in his last training session, right before flying to Sweden. Apparently, the injury is not too serious, but it will prevent him from climbing for a few days.

Today we’ve had the working session, in which climbers get to try the problems for 3 hours. They tried every sequence, touched all the holds and, most of them, figured out all the moves. Megos and Chon looked super strong today but it is Saturday what counts. Then they will have 3 tries per problem.

The fact that they get to rehearse the problems two days ahead, combined with the caliber of the athletes, means that the problems can and must be really hard. Otherwise, a tie with 5 tops in 5 attempts is guaranteed. The setters are obviously aware of this and they’ve prepared very challenging problems.

Make sure you tune in to watch it, the problems look spectacular and the climbers are indeed living bouldering legends.

Update: Check out this awesome video by Eric Karlsson:

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