Preview | Nanjing Bouldering World Cup 2017

The Asian tour of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup continues. Nanjing, located on the East of China, close to Shanghai, will host the third World Cup of the season this weekend. The city already hosted a Speed World Cup last year, along with a promotional bouldering event.

The lineup of climbers looks pretty much the same we had in Chongqing. Given than in Asian events are in back to back weekends most climbers are doing all of them.

You can check the starting list here.

Current Overall World Cup Ranking (Top 5):
1- Alexey Rubtsov 145 | Shauna Coxsey 180
2- Kokoro Fujii 137 | Janja Garnbret 147
3- Jongwon Chon 128 | Stasa Gejo & Miho Nonaka 102
4- Keita Watabe 120
5- Tomoa Narasaki 89 | Petra Klingler 94

You can check the overall ranking here: men & women.

Route setters
Matthias Woitzuck, from Austria, will be the Chief Route Setter. He will assisted by Hiroshi Okano and, Tomasz Oleksy.

Looks like the IFSC has finally found a way to live stream from China, Chongqing’s stream was perfect, so I look forward to watch this final on Sunday. Don’t miss it!

Schedule (Timezone: UTC+8)

Saturday 29

Sunday 30
09:30 – Semifinals – (live at
18:30 – Finals – (live at

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  1. The IFSC have released a preview for for the Tokyo World Cup too. At the end it mentions the Olympic Channel. I’m wondering if this is where the IFSC are headed after the blown out Flosports deal?
    None of the videos seem to work though.

    • No idea. I noticed the Olympic channel logo but my first thought was that they simply have this “Olympic channnel” (I guess every federation in the Olympics has one) and they are trying to put some content in there so it doesn’t look empty. We’ll see.

  2. Any idea what company made the holds for the nanjing and chongquing bouldering walls? I thought I heard Boscoe say something about them being made in China…?

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