V13 for Puccio and Raboutou

Alex Puccio and Brooke Raboutou have send their first 8B | V13 boulder problem. Top Notch, in Rock Mountains National Park, Colorado, for Puccio and Fragile Steps, in Rocklands, for Raboutou. So far only 8 women have managed to climb a problem of such difficulty.

Alex Puccio sending Top Notch

Puccio on Top Notch. Picture by Joel Zerr.

Alex Puccio has been at the forefront of female bouldering for many years, she was on the very short list of candidates to send an 8B | V13 boulder problem. After finishing her participation in the 2014 Bouldering World Cup she’s back crushing on real rock, check out her impressive ticklist on 8a.nu.

Here’s Jon Cardwell sending Top Notch:

Brooke Raboutou is a young prodigy (just 13 years old right now) who climbs incredibly hard both in lead and in bouldering (and does really well in competitions too). Fragile Steps has been climbed by 3 women so far: Dorothea Karalus, Ashima Shiraishi (another young prodigy) and now Raboutou.

Raboutou on Fragile Steps. Picture from her Facebook page.

Raboutou on Fragile Steps. Picture from her Facebook page.

Here’s Jesse Bonin sending Fragile Steps:

PS.: Fun fact, Alex Puccio is Brooke Raboutou’s coach!

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