Qualification Round | 2019 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup

The World Cup has started in Meiringen. Easy problems for the guys and a brutal round for the women. Nathan Phillips, Janja Garnbret, Nathaniel Coleman and Kyra Condie lead the board. Schubert and Pilz are out.

Nathan Phillips crushing

For the males, the cut was 5 tops (group A) or 4 flashes and 5 quick zones (B). Very different situation on the female side: 2 tops were enough in A while B required 2 tops in 4 with 4 zones.

You can check the results here: men & women.

Here you have a quick and dirty summary of the male round:

Quick thoughts:

  • All the boulders but 1 were climbed and 17 (out of 20) were flashed.
  • Great round for Japan and Slovenia. The Japanese have 9 climbers in the semis while the Slovenians have 6.
  • Good round for Team America, Coleman and Condie are in 1st place and Alex Johnson made semis in her first international comp since 2015.
  • Nathan Phillips offered a stellar performance, flashing all 5 boulders. He’s the only climber, male or female, with 5 flashes.
  • Janja Garnbret is the only woman with 5 tops.
  • Mixed results for the Austrians. Their two favorites, Schubert and Pilz, failed to make the top 20 but they have 3 women in the semis.
  • No male French climbers made the top 20.
  • Disappointing results for many big names: Caulier, Bestvater, Hojer, Shiraishi, Bailey, Skofic, McColl…

Also, don’t miss this cool clip by Theo Benjamin:

Semis tomorrow at 11am (UTC+2). Livestream here!


  1. Thank you for featuring my clip. Keep up the good work, you channel and website are absolutely brillant !

  2. AngelPalacio says:

    Thanks for sharing those clips, they are really cool and elegant! I’ll probably include another one in the post about the final.

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