Qualifiers | Munich Bouldering World Cup 2017

Demanding problems, heat, and a very long qualifying round in Munich. Fujii, Chon, Nonaka and Garnbret lead the board. Watabe didn’t make finals and can’t be overall champion.

The qualifying round in Munich has been the longest ever, starting at 7am and ending after midnight. Obviously, there was a pause in between males and females, about 2 and half hours. And around 9.30 pm a storm forced the last stretch of the female qualis to be paused for about an hour. But still, more than 12 hours of climbing.

I think pretty much everyone agrees that this is just too much. For the organizers, for the volunteers, for the fans and of course for the climbers who have to spend long hours in the isolation area.

That aside, the climbing was good in Munich. Lots of body tension, smears and tiny crimps. But a good dose of big slopers too.

All problems were climbed, with 7 climbers getting 5 tops (Garnbret, Nonaka, Chon, Fujii, Ogata, Rubtsov and Hojer).

Mixed results for the host country. They have 5 males on the semis, including Mathias Conrad and Yannick Flohé, who were among the last to compete (76th and 79th), but no females.

Unavoidably, many big names are out of semis: Keita Watabe (who is out of the race for the overall title), Katha Saurwein, Alban Levier, Monika Retschy, Anna Stöhr, Sean McColl (who had to stop competing after 3 boulders due to problems in a finger), Leah Crane, Jeremy Bonder, Jernej Kruder, Jorg Verhoeven….

Full results: men & women.

Semifinals tomorrow today at 10 am (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

As dessert, check out these two videos by Klettermafia, summarizing Jan Hojer and Alex Megos’ performances:

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