Qualifiers | Navi Mumbai Bouldering World Cup 2017

No surprises in Navi Mumbai. All the stars made it to semis. Shauna Coxsey, Kokoro Fujii, and Dmitry Sharafutdinov are in first place.

Update: Scroll down to check out a video with every single problem in the round.

The difficulty level was almost perfect today, with 14 out of 15 problems topped. Only women’s #5 remained unclimbed (and only 4 climbers out of 36 got the bonus on that one).

The women, climbing in just one group for the first time this season, needed a flash and 5 bonus to make semis. On the male side, group A needed 3 tops in 6 attempts and group B 3 tops in 9.

With just 36 women and 56 men competing, most of the climbers that follow the circuit (the most experienced) made the cut. Still, strong athletes like Max Prinz, Kai Harada, Sebastien Lazure or Dave Barrans won’t be climbing tomorrow.

Good round for Team Russia, which has its 4 climbers in the top 20. 3 times World Champion Dmitry Sharafutdinov, after missing the last two World Cups, is back in full force and goes to semis in first place.

Full results: men & women.

Semifinals tomorrow at 9am (UTC+5:30). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

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