ABS Nationals this weekend + Rock Rodeo recap

Remember ladies and gentlemen that this weekend the ABS Nationals (the USA championships) will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

All the stars will be there (Puccio, Woods, Robinson, Payne, Johnson…) and Louder Than Eleven will provide a free webcast (with no other than the climbing narc on the microphone!). Go to their official website for more info.

Hueco Rock Rodeo
The podium of the 2013 Hueco Rock Rodeo is:

1- Paul Robinson – Angie Payne

2- Sam Davis – Nina Williams

3- Jimmy Webb – Jill Waters

For detailed results check out this article at Dead Point Magazine and this write-ups by Angie Payne and Melissa Strong (organizer of the event).

2013 Hueco Highlights from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

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