Reading material | 15/06/2018

Here you have some climbing-related articles that I found interesting and that you may have missed.

An interview with IFSC Setter Reini Fichtinger. “No one would watch a competition if it had the same problems than they had ten years ago, with the only difference that the holds would be smaller.

How Competition Climbing is Pushing Standards for Outdoor Climbing. Eddie Fowke, author of The Circuit and official IFSC photographer writes about how the preparation for comps makes climbers better at outdoor climbing.

Hips don’t lie! Udo Neumann writes about how hip control played a deciding role during the IFSC World Cup in Hachioji.

No country for pro climbers. Is cutting-edge climbing taking a back seat to celebrity, marketing, and social media?. Interesting article by Andrew Bisharat.

The Evolution of the Nose Speed Record. First ascent: 45 days, current record: under 2 hours!

Cash prizes in climbing competitions. “Cash prizes may drive athletes to be better, causing setters to improve, which in turn may lead to gyms running better more professional comps, and possibly to the overarching administrative bodies to get better.”

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