Results | Munich Bouldering World Cup 2017

Jan Hojer and Janja Garnbret have won the 2017 Munich Bouldering World Cup. Shauna Coxsey, Tomoa Narasaki, Akiyo Noguchi and Taisei Ishimatsu completed the podium.

Full results: men & women.

Munich also decided the overall ranking. With his silver medal Tomoa Narakai managed to move from 4th to 2nd position.

Overall podium:
1- Shauna Coxsey | Jongwon Chon
2- Janja Garnbret | Tomoa Narasaki
3- Akiyo Noguchi | Alexey Rubtsov

Complete overall ranking: men & women.

Janja stood on 4 podiums today: European Bouldering and Combined Championships, Munich World Cup and Overall World Cup.

Here’s the replay:


  1. 9th(!) overall podium for Noguchi :)

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