Rocklands is in full season!

The South African paradise of Rocklands is full to the brim with crushers hiding from the high Summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Superclassic and superhard lines have been repeated left and right. Just this week Alex Khazanov climbed Monkey Wedding 8C | V15 and Marine Thevenet repeated Fragile Steps 8B | v13.

Alex Khazanov on Monkey Wedding 8C | V15

We’ve already cover some of the action going on down there (The Finnish Line, Charles Albert’s barefoot ascent of Monkey Wedding, Liam Vance’s flash of Sky…). But many more first ascents and repetitions have taken place lately.

Israeli climber Alex Khazanov has just done his first 8C | V15 ascent by repeating Monkey Wedding. So far in this trip he has climbed a ton of hard stuff: Speed of Sound 8B+ | V14 (also climbed recently by Gabri Moroni), Derailed and Quintessential (both 8B | V13), Megalo and Organized Chaos (8A+ | V12) and he has flashed Nutsa, Green Mamba and Out of Balance (8A | V11 the three of them).

Marine Thevenet on Fragile Steps 8B | V13

Meanwhile, French athlete Marine Thevenet has climbed her first 8B | V13, Fragile Steps. This the 9th female ascent of the line; it has been climbed by Dorothea Karalus, Ashima Shiraishi, Brooke Raboutou, Angela Eiter, Katha Saurwein, Karoline Sinnhuber, Kaddi Lehmann and Momoka Oda.

Gabri Moroni on Speed of Sound 8B+ | V14

American Liam Vance has done several hard repetitions too (his flash of Sky aside): The Vice 8B, Shosholoza 8A+, Derailed (usually considered 8B but that he considers 8A+), The Big Short 8A/+, Monkey Business 8A/+, and Flying Guitar Thief 8A.

Una publicación compartida de Liam Vance (@liam.vance) el

Liam Vance on Shosholoza 8A+ | V12

Una publicación compartida de Liam Vance (@liam.vance) el

Liam Vance on The Vice 8B | V13

The list of stars and hard ascents in the area is too long to detail it completely. To end the post, let’s name Keenan Takahashi, who has added a couple of new lines: Overshadowed 8A and Ubuntu 8B, and Austria’s golden couple: Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber. Those two hand’t been in Rocklands for a few years and they seem to be having a lot of fun tasting the new boulders. Stöhr has repeated Colorado corridor 8A+, The Matriline and Where Giants Lurk (both 8A). Fischhuber did the first ascent of a beautiful boulder called The End of Sand, graded 8B | V13.

Una publicación compartida de Anna Stöhr (@anna_stoehr) el

Anna Stöhr on The Matriline 8A | V11

Una publicación compartida de Kilian Fischhuber (@kilifish) el

Kilian Fischhuber The End of Sand 8B | V13

Una publicación compartida de Keenan Takahashi (@katakaha) el

Keenan Takahash on Overshadowed 8A | V11
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