Ropes of Maui, 8B flash by Nathan Phillips

British climber Nathan Phillips has flashed Ropes of Maui, an 8B | V13 problem located in Llanberis Pass, North Wales. On the same session, he also climbed Diesel Power 8A | V11 and Mr Fantastic 8A+ | V12.

22 years old, Phillips has been climbing since he was 6, focusing mainly on bouldering, discipline in which he has climbed up to 8B+ | V14 (Mystic Stylez, in Magic Wood, Switzerland).

In competitions, he has been climbing internationally since 2011. In 2013 he won a European Youth Cup (Laval, France) and, as a senior, he has made semifinals in a three IFSC events (Innsbruck and Paris 2016, and Nanjing 2017). He’s currently ranked world’s 34.

Ropes of Maui is a sit start to Stoned Temple Pilots 8A | V11 Shauna Coxsey did the first female ascent last year.

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