Rubtsov and Nonaka win Studio Bloc Masters 2018

Alexey Rubtsov and Miho Nonaka won the 2018 edition of Studio Bloc Masters in a spectacular final full of good problems and with plenty of tops. Jan Hojer, Janja Garnbret, Jernej Kruder and Fanny Gibert completed the podium.

The setting was great, fun to watch, with a full range of styles and perfect difficulty. All the problems were topped and the winners were decided on the last problem. Great job by the route setting team.

After the last problem, Rubtsov and Hojer were tied with 4 tops and 4 zones; Nonaka and Garnbret were tied with 3 tops and 3 zones. The winners were decided based on the numbers of attempts to top.

You can check the full results here.


  1. Great final and great to see Alexey win. He’s so consistent he definitely deserves more wins. Also thought Fanny Gibert climbed exceptionally well – very talented and look forward to seeing her in the upcoming World Cups.

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