Russian Championships 2018, victory for Sergey Skorodumov and Victoria Meshkova

More results from last weekend. The Russians had their nationals and Sergey Skorodumov and Victoria Meshkova became the 2018 Champions in Bouldering.

Russian Champion Sergey Skorodumov

1- Sergey Skorodumov | Victoria Meshkova
2- Egor Kryachokov | Ekaterina Kipriyanova
3- Sergey Luzhetsky | Anastasia Evgenieva

Check out the results here.

Kipriyanova was close to defending her title but went home witht he silver. Last year’s male Champion, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, ended up 4th (Alexey Rubtsov was 5th). Skorodummov and Luzhetsky were on the podium last year too.

Over at Russia Climbing YouTube Channel you can check the live stream from the lead and speed competitions. Sadly the bouldering one is not available right now.

Thanks to Stan Kokorin for this help with the results!

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