Rustam Gelmanov repeats Hypnotized Minds V16

Russian star Rustam Gelmanov has pulled off an impressive quick ascent of Daniel Wood’s Hypnotized Minds. Considered one of the hardest problems in the world and possibly V16 | 8C+.

Since its first ascent in 2010, Hypnotized Minds has become an almost mythical problem. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, stars like Dave Graham, Paul Robinson or Carlo Traversi have projected without success. To Graham it felt like the hardest problem on Earth.

For many it was clear that the initial grade proposed by Woods, V15 | 8C, wasn’t truly representative of the problem’s difficulty and recently Woods himself suggested upgrading the line after comparing it to the many V15’s he has climbed over the years.

At this point the consensus seems to be that it is a V16 | 8C+. Which makes Gelmanov’s 3-day ascent even more impressive.

Rustam Gelmanov is not known for his outdoor climbing. His climbing career has been focused on competition climbing, discipline in which he has been very successful, getting many medals in international events and winning the Overall Bouldering World Cup in 2012.

For the last few days the Russian has been, along with many other World Cup stars, rock climbing in Colorado after travelling there for the World Cup in Vail. Seems like his famous crimping strength works as well on granite as it does on plastic.

Here’s Woods climbing the problem:

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