Ryohei Kameyama, yet another crusher from Japan

If you read our latest summary of hard ascents, the name Ryohei Kameyama may have caught your eye. The Japanese sent a bunch of super hard lines in Fontainebleau, but to many of us he’s pretty much an unknown. Relais Vertical has released a video that let us learn a bit more about him.

Kameyama seems to be a very discreet climber. Similarly to Ryuichi Murai, Kameyama crushes (literally in silence) and moves on, leaving many scratching their heads wondering why they can’t recognize that, obviously, famous climber.

The 20-year-old has also competed in a handful of IFSC events, taking the silver medal in the 2016 Asian Youth Championships. Looks like Japan produces elite-level boulderers like no other country, many capable of performing both on rock and on plastic.

Back in April, Kameyama was in Varazze, Italy, where he also climbed some pretty hard boulders. Here you have a couple of them on video:

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