Ryuichi Murai, sendage in Magic Wood

Japanese climber Ryuichi Murai is in Magic Wood, braving the high temperatures and sending hard stuff left and right. In the span of two weeks he has climbed more than a dozen double-digits, including 3 of the hardest problems in the area.

La Force Tranquille 8C | V15

As you know Murai appeared in our radars when, last year, he started repeating V15’s in Japan as if they were easy. Then, during a trip to Rocklands he repeated Daniel Wood’s Spray of Light, also V15, but by then everyone knew about this young crusher. Now he’s exploring the Swiss granite of Magic Wood and he seem to be having a productive time, despite the high temperatures and humidity.

His ticklist includes repetitions of La Force Tranquille (FA Daniel Woods, 2011), In Search of Time Lost (FA Daniel Woods, 2008) and Practice of the Wild (FA Chris Sharma, 2004), the three of them graded V15 | 8C.

Una publicación compartida de Ryuichi Murai (@ryu____1) el

In Search of Time Lost 8C | V15

But Murai is climbing pretty much everything, not just the super-human lines. Take a look a this (incomplete) ticklist:

Remembrance of things past 8B+ | V14
Never ending story 8B+ | V14
Ill Thrill 8B+ | V14
Riverbed 8B | V13
One summer in paradise 8B | V13
Steppenwolf 8B | V13
High Spirit 8A+/B | V12/V13
The bizarre ride 8A+ | V12
Massive Attack 8A+ | V12
Sofasurfer 8A/A+ | V11/12
Nothing Changes 8A | V11
Voigas 8A | V11
Muttertag 8A | V11
Foxy Dyno 8A | V11
Piranha 7C+ | V10
Hohenzone 7C | V9

And at this rate, the list will probably be twice as long by the time he leaves Switzerland.

Una publicación compartida de Ryuichi Murai (@ryu____1) el

Practice of the Wild 8C

Steppenwolf 8B | V13

Una publicación compartida de Ryuichi Murai (@ryu____1) el

Never Ending Story 8B+ | V14. “In this line, my good at heel hook was required many times. On my 4th try, I could climb it!”

Una publicación compartida de Ryuichi Murai (@ryu____1) el

Foxy Dyno 8A | V11

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