Semifinals | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

Great problems in one of the best semifinals of the season. Janja Garnbret, Keita Watabe, and Akiyo Noguchi crushed and have 4 tops. The Japanese team has 5 finalists in total.

The finalists are:
1- Janja Garnbret | Keita Watabe
2- Akiyo Noguchi | Alexey Rubtsov
3- Fanny Gibert | Taisei Ishimatsu
4- Shauna Coxsey | Tomoa Narasaki
5- Miho Nonaka | Jakob Schubert
6- Petra Klingler | Mickael Mawem

Again, really good route setting. Interesting use of volumes and perfect difficulty. All the problems were topped.

Full results: men & women

Here’s a quick interview with Janja Garnbret right after the round:


Quick thoughts:

  • According to the IFSC website, this is the second time that Taisei Ishimatsu takes part in a World Cup (he was 18th in Munich 2016). And his already in finals…
  • Both World Champions in the final!
  • Petra Klingler is having some issues with her left elbow, it may affect her performance in the final.
  • 7th place for Jongwon Chon (by one attempt to bonus) and Chloé Caulier.
  • The French team seems to be back in the game after a modest start of the season. They have 2 finalists and 4 climbers in the top 10.

The final is imminent! 14:30 UTC+9. Live at

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