Semifinals | Munich Bouldering World Cup 2017

Stasa Gejo and Jan Hojer have won the European Bouldering Championships, that took part during the semifinal round in Munich. Alexey Rubtsov finished 10th in the World Cup which means that Jongwon Chon is the Overall Champion.


The World Cup Finalists are:
1- Jongwon Chon | Janja Garnbret, Stasa Gejo, Akiyo Noguchi (tied)
2- Kokoro Fujii
3- Taisei Ishimatsu
4- Tomoa Narasaki | Petra Klingler
5- Jan Hojer, Yoshiyuki Ogata (tied) | Shauna Coxsey
6- Alex Puccio

The European Championship podium is:
1- Stasa Gejo | Jan Hojer
2- Janja Garnbret | Alex Megos
3- Petra Klingler | Anze Peharc

Stasa Gejo and Janja Garnbret tied in first place and a super final was needed to decide the European Champion. In the end, Gejo came ahead by sticking a hard dyno that Garnbret couldn’t hold.

Jonwon Chon has secured the overall title since Alexey Rubtsov needed a podium finish to have options (and he’s out of semis in 10th place).

Full results: men & women.

Finals at 6 pm (UTC+2). Live at

Here’s a summary of Jan Hojer’s performance in the round:

Here’s the replay:

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