Semifinals | Navi Mumbai Bouldering World Cup 2017

Shauna Coxsey has secured the overall title by winning the semis (along with Jongwon Chon). The Japanese team, once again, has 6 climbers in finals.

The finalists are:

1- Shauna Coxsey | Jongwon Chon
2- Petra Klingler | Kokoro Fujii
3- Miho Nonaka | Jakob Schubert
4- Aya Onoe | Tomoa Narasaki
5- Akiyo Noguchi | Rei Sugimoto
6- Katja Kadic | Alexey Rubtsov

The round was rather hard, as it is often the case with the semis. Only Coxsey got 4 tops and none of the men topped more than 2 problems (but all the problems were solved).

Katja Kadic, Mei Kotake and Johanna Farber got the same result in semis (2T5 4B9), but, since this time there was only one group in the qualification, it was possible to break the tie using the results from yesterday. This meant that Kotake and Farber are out of finals in 7th and 8th place.

Shauna Coxsey needed just a 9th place to secure the overall. Given that she’s going to be at least 6th, she’s already the 2017 Overall World Cup Champion.

Full results: men & women.

Finals at 17:30am (UTC+5:30). Live at

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Here’s the replay:

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