Great semis in Meirigen. Schubert and Noguchi crushed!

We have our first World Cup finalists of the year! The semifinal in Meiringen had perfect difficulty, the problems were quite hard but all of them got topped. Great performances by Akiyo Noguchi and Jakob Schubert, who go to finals in first place.

The Austrian Team getting it done in the semis

The finalists are:
1- Akiyo Noguchi | Jakob Schubert
2- Janja Garnbret | Tomoa Narasaki
3- Shauna Coxsey | Manu Cornu
4- Miho Nonaka | Tomoaki Takata
5- Sandra Lettner | Jongwon Chon
6- Fanny Gibert | Jernej Kruder & Alexey Rubtsov

Quick thoughts:

  • First senior final for Sandra Lettner (just 16 years old, Combined Youth World Champion) and Tomoaki Takata (Japan keeps producing finalists).
  • Again, not too much trickery in the setting, pretty “normal” climbing. M3 was a great test of power and finger strength. Really cools slabs as well.
  • The semis had several great moments: Akiyo‘s flash of W1, Sandra Lettner sending W3 (she was the only one capable of climbing that one), Chon‘s sketchy match on M4…
  • Heartbreaking result for Jessica Pilz, just out of finals after dropping from the top of W4 (she had two hands on the top when she fell!).
  • Good results for Team Austria. 2 finalists plus Pilz in 7th place.
  • The Slovenians must be pretty happy too. They have Kruder and Garnbret in the final and Kadic in 8th place.
  • Unsurprisingly, Japan did really well, with 5 guys and 2 gals in the top 10. But “just” 4 finalists.
  • Both French Champions in the final!
  • I really like Mike Langley as a commentator. He’s a route setter and you can tell, he sees things the rest miss.

Finals at 18:30 (UTC+2). Live at

Leah Crane on W2

And here’s the replay:

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