Sharma’s pilgrimage, the story behind the image

“I’m probably going to do this thing now, but I’m not going to be able to do it more than once.”

Photographer Corey Rich talks about one the most iconic pictures of modern bouldering history, Chris Sharma bouldering in Hampi, India.
Pilgrimage cover
If you are reading a blog like this one chances are you have seen Big Up Productions’ Pilgrimage. This modern classic, released in 2003, follows Chris Sharma, Kate Brown and Nate Gold through the, at the time quite unknown, Indian bouldering Mecca: Hampi.

Photographer Corey Rich was part of the team documenting the trip and he has posted an article detailing how the trip was, how it is to work with someone like Sharma and how the picture that ended up being the DVD cover was shot.

If you like it check out this other post from November, about the picture of Sharma climbing Three Degrees of Separation (a 9a still unrepeated, despite the efforts of beasts like Ondra).

You can buy Pilgrimage at Big Up Productions’ site.

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