Sol Sa and Jabee Kim win the first psicobloc comp in Korea

The Spyder Hangang  Championship, held in Seoul a few days ago, was the first Korean Deep Water Soloing (aka. psicobloc) competition ever.

Sol Sa and Jabee Kim won the event followed by IFSC World Cup champions Jain Kim and Jongwon Chon. Kim Meenseon and Chae Seongjun completed the podium

It is quite impressive to see Jongwon Chon performing at this level, and risking nasty falls, after his accident in Colorado (he broke a hold and fell 6 meters, but luckily he walked away with just a few stitches).

Thanks to Derek Larm for the info about the event (and for the videos, of course!).


And by the way, if this post left you wanting more psicobloc action, make sure you check our video with Chris Sharma climbing over a river in Spain:

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