Some boulders from the Asian Cup

Hong Kong hosted the Asian bouldering cup at the beginning of the month. Mei Kotake and Gerald Verosil took the gold but sadly there wasn’t much coverage of the event. The IFSC barely offered any information and as far as I know, there wasn’t a livestream. But through social media, I’ve managed to dig up some footage.

Mai Kotake, female winner

1- Gerald Verosil (Filipines) | Mei Kotake (Japan)
2- DiChong Huang (China) | Sol Sa (South Korea)
3- YuFei Pang (China) | Vanessa Si Yinn Teng (Singapore)

You can check the results here: men & women.

As we know Asia is full of bouldering talent. Sadly it seems the tight competition calendar didn’t allow some of the biggest names (Nonaka, Chon, Narasaki, Fujii, Noguchi…) to take part.

Male winner Gerald Verosil

Sol Sa in action

More climbing by Sol Sa

Chi Fung Au, from Hong Kong


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