Studio Bloc Masters, more world-class bouldering this weekend!

Tomorrow we have more live bouldering of the highest level. Studio Bloc Masters is taking place in Pfungstadt, Germany, and the Semis and Finals, full of international stars, will be live-streamed on Sunday.

Last weekend all eyes were on the CWIF, today and tomorrow we gonna be focusing our attention on Studio Bloc Masters, another massive (more than 600 climbers) open competition that is taking place right now.

All day climbers from all over the planet have been fighting the 80 qualifying problems (only your 20 hardest ascents count) and tomorrow the top 20 will compete in the semifinal, which will be followed by a big final for the top 6.

Jan Hojer crushing this morning in the qualis

The list of international stars is impressive, to name a few… Janja Garnbert, Jan Hojer, Miho Nonaka, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, Alma Bestvater, Alexey Rubtsov, Fanny Gibert, David Firnenburg, Chloe Caulier, Jernej Kruder, Katja Kadic, Kai Lightner, Mina Markovic, Monika Retschy, Domen Skofic, Anna Stöhr, Rustam Gelmanov, Rebekka Stotz, Jakob Schubert, Michaela Tracy, Gabri Moroni…

You can check the list of participants here.

Semis and finals will follow the IFSC format, and the IFSC-level of competition will be guaranteed not just by the athletes but also by the presence of IFSC officials and route setters (the chief setter will be Romain Cabessut, from France).

Make sure you don’t miss the show!

Semis (Sunday, 11.30 am, UTC+1):

Finals (Sunday, 4 pm, UTC+1):

And here you have more action from the qualifiers:

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