Studio Bloc Masters, Woods in the WC, National titles, Female V14’s… OnBouldering Digest

Let’s catch up with some of the bouldering new of the moment. I’m experimenting with a new format to offer quick weekly videos covering the current affairs of international bouldering. Tons of links below the video!

More info:

* Studio Bloc Masters results and replay.

* All the official info about the first Bouldering World Cup of the season (Meiringen, Switzerland).

* National championships results: USA, Canada, France, Latvia, Lithuania.

* Highlights from the French Championships, won by Alban Levier and Fanny Gibert:

* And more footage of the French Champs, this time from the perspective of the Vertical Art Team.

* Mélissa Le Nevé talks about her first 8B+ and the CWIF. And here’s Jeremy Bonder sending Mecaniqué Élémentaire, which was climbed by Mélissa Le Nevé a few days ago:

* Mile Heyden talks about sending Feuerwalze, her first 8B+ | V14. And here’s Feuerwalze on video:

* And if you wanna check out the list of women that have climbed V13 or harder check out the 8B Senders Ladies Club.

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