Super hard ascents catch-up

The world-wide sendfest continues, climbers are taking full advantage of the cool temperatures and opening and repeating hard stuff all over the place. Let’s catch up with some of it.

In Spain, Alberto Rocasolano keeps his foot down and opens Eternity, grading it 8B+/C | V14/15. The Spaniard also opened a very hard traverse, Kaizen, which is around 8c+ (lead grade) in terms of difficulty.

Alberto Rocasolano on Eternity 8B+/C | V14/15
Alberto Rocasolano on Kaizen 8c+

In Fontainebleau, Ryohei Kameyama has repeated two famous 8C’s, Jour de Chasse and The Big Island. According to his profile, the Japanese has also climbed many other hard lines like Mecanique Elementaire, Gecko Assis or The traphouse (the three graded 8B+ | V14).

Also in Font, Charles Albert has climbed an extended version of his problem La Révolutionnaire. The original line was 8C | V15, Albert graded the extension 8C+ | V16.

Ryohei Kameyama climbing Jour de Chasse 8C | V15
Ryohei Kameyama climbing The Big Island 8C | V15

Meanwhile, in Saalachtal, Austria, Christof Rauch has repeated two of Bernhard Schwaiger’s hardest First Ascents, Zunami and Sound of Silence, both around 8C | V15.

Christof Rauch on Sound of Silence 8B+/C | V14/15

Finally, in Japan, Dai Koyamada keeps opening 8C’s. His latest is Yokuto and is located in Gero (where he opened his 8C+ | V16 proposal in April).

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