Ondra and Garnbret take the gold in a great final | 2019 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup

The season has started on a very high note. The competition in Meiringen has been great and the final was a memorable one. Adam Ondra and Janja Garnbret won the competition and team Japan walked away with 3 medals.

Semifinals | 2019 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup

Great semifinal round in Meiringen. Perfect difficulty and overall a great show with hard, powerful problems. Great results for Japan. Adam Ondra, Janja Garnbret and Akiyo Noguchi, the only climbers with 4 tops.

Massive volume, no holds, poor texture. Welcome to Toronto! | Sunday Sends

Today we welcome 2019 with an ascent by the one and only Adam Ondra. We gonna see him topping a very technical problem that revolved around a massive volume with no holds and less-than-ideal texture. Tricky and frustrating, this problem shut down most climbers in the competition. Adam needed some tries, but he finally managed […]

Adam Ondra: I was mentally prepared for the bad conditions

Adam Ondra talks about the bouldering qualifying round Innsbruck in which he had to climb late and facing pretty bad conditions.

Adam Ondra, from mad to focused in 15s | Sunday Sends

This Sunday, to celebrate the Climbing World Championships that are taking place in Innsbruck, we gonna see World Champion Adam Ondra facing his demons during the 2014 World Cup in Innsbruck. When he fell from the top of a semifinal problem he got quite mad, but he was able to change his mental state in […]

Vrtule 8C/+, another superline in Holštejn by Ondra

Adam Ondra keeps sending hard lines in his limestone playground in Holštejn, Czech Republic. Last week he opened Drift 8C | V15 and now he has done the first ascent of Vrtule, which he considers even harder, 8C/+ | V15/16.

Drift, Adam Ondra’s latest 8C | V15 in Holštejn

After sending his super project in Norway, Adam Ondra is back home, training and having fun in the local area of Holštejn, located to the north of his hometown, Brno. His latest hard first ascent is Drift, a hard boulder/traverse that he considers 8C | V15.

Adam Ondra Against the Clock | Sunday Sends

This video was planned way before Adam’s ascent of Project Hard, but now it looks even more appropriate. In this edition of Sunday Sends (it was published on Sunday but I forgot to publish this post ;) we revisit the 2015 Euro Champs in Innsbruck. We gonna see Adam dealing with MB4.

Krater, new 8C | V15 by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra has added a new super hard line to his bouldering resume with his first ascent of Krater. The line is a linkage of Blatant and Kra, two 8B | V13 problems located in the Czech area of Holstejn (less than an hour away of Adam’s hometown, Brno). Adam considers it 8C | V15.

Adam Ondra: “My opinion on the Olympics is still very critical”

Here’s an interview with Adam Ondra, recorded right after the bouldering final in Paris 2016. He talks about the competition but also about the Olympic Climbing format, of which he seems to be quite critical, and about his plans to climb El Capitan this fall.