The Circus is in Town! Sunday Sends

In this episode of Sunday Sends we gonna look back at a problem from Innsbruck 2016. A good example of what’s usually called “Circus Climbing”. And while it is true that it would be difficult to find a move like that on real rock, the World Cups have more than their fair share of this […]

Alban Levier and Maël Bonzom vlogging from Bishop

Alban Levier is in Bishop right now, paying his first visit to the Californian high-ball Mecca. Along with his friend Maël Bonzom he’s publishing daily videos of the trip, keeping us posted on their adventures. Go to Maël’s Facebook page and check it out.

Catching up with the 8C sendfest

If last week we were talking about hard ascents by female boulderers, this time we are catching up with all the hard climbing that the guys have been doing all over the planet. 8C’s have been opened and repeated in 3 continents!

Hojer and Kruder team up to repeat Es Pontas

German powerhouse Jan Hojer and Slovenian star Jernej Kruder are in Mallorca, Spain, working on the most famous deep water soloing (AKA psicobloc) line ever: Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas. Opened by Sharma in 2006, the route remains unrepeated and it is considered one of the hardest on the planet.

Clémentine Kaiser and Pascal Gagneux, 2016 French Bouldering Champions

Clémentine Kaiser and Pascal Gagneux have won the 2016 French Bouldering Champoinships, held in Toulouse this weekend. Mélissa Le Nevé, Alban Levier, Pyrene Santal and Sean McColl completed the podium.

Alban Levier reopens Satan I Helvete

French climber Alban Levier has just climbed Satan I Helvete, a classic line in Fontainebleau that was deemed impossible after a crucial hold broke in 2013. Originally graded 8B | V13, Levier considers the problem to be around 8C | V15 now.