Hard climbs by Rocasolano and Koyamada

Braving the high temperatures in the Northern hemisphere Alberto Rocasolano and Dai Koyamada have been able to add new hard ascents to their impressive resumes. An 8C repetition for the Spaniard and a new V14|15 for the Japanese.

Ignacio Mulero repeats Entropía 8C | V15

Spanish climber Ignacio Mulero has pulled off the third ascent of Nacho Sánchez’ Entropía, which back in 2011 was Spain’s first 8C | V15 proposal.

Weekly Bouldering Digest – 19 March 2013

Rok Klancnik on FTGTF

Let’s see… we have Chris Schulte’s euro trip, Dave Graham latest V15, some really hard repeats in Switzerland, Daniel Woods not repeating a V15 (for a change!) and much more…

Weekly Digest – 10 February 2013

Two climbers competing in the German Bouldering Cup

Comps, hard repeats, many videos and even some news on lead climbing (lead climbing is when you boulder for many meters with a harness on :P). The German Bouldering Cup kicked off in Munich The first stage of the German Bouldering Cup took place in Munich last weekend with Stefan Danker and Julia Winter taking […]