Video Gems: Alex Khazanov sending Monkey Wedding 8C | V15


Here’s the uncut footage of Alex Khazanov’s repetition of Monkey Wedding, a super-hard Rocklands classic opened by Fred Nicole back in 2002. Enjoy.

Rocklands is in full season!

kilian_fischhuber_the_end_of_sand (1)

The South African paradise of Rocklands is full to the brim with crushers hiding from the high Summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Superclassic and superhard lines have been repeated left and right. Just this week Alex Khazanov climbed Monkey Wedding 8C | V15 and Marine Thevenet repeated Fragile Steps 8B | v13.

Video: Alex Khazanov crushing in the Red Rocks


Israeli climber Alex Khazanov has been on a climbing rampage since he left the army a few months ago. He’s been all over the place, climbing on rock and competing on plastic and we’ll get to see him in Meiringen this Friday. Here’s a recap of his visit to the Red Rocks of Nevada, including […]

Hard ascents in Switzerland by Amma and Khazanov


After competing in Adidas Rockstars, Japanese star Sachi Amma and Israeli young gun Alex Khazanov, headed to Switzerland, where they have made some impressive ascents, including three 1-day ascents of V14’s and the repetition of Ill Trill 8B+/C.