Alexey Rubtsov, Still Rocking | Sunday Sends

Russian crusher Alexey Rubtsov is one of the few “old guard” competitors that have managed to keep up with the new generation. It’s been more than 8 years since he became World Champion and he is still winning medals. Let’s see him in action during the 2017 edition of Adidas Rockstars.

8C | V15 first ascent by Alexey Rubtsov in Russia

More first ascents by Alexey Rubtsov. Int Lietlahti Park, after his 8B | V13 highball, he finished a couple of projects more, including Whiplash, an 8C | V15 problem that he considers the hardest in Russia

Alexey Rubtsov goes big with Flame, 8B | V13 highball

Alexey Rubtsov keeps climbing strong outdoors. He may be best known for his impressive results on comps, but this year we’ve seen him crushing on rocks too. In January he climbed From Dirt Grows the Flower 8C | V15 and recently he repeated Triangular Face 8B+ | V14. Now he has opened a very tall […]

Alexey Rubtsov repeats Triangular Face, grading it 8B+ | V14

Russian climber Alexey Rubtsov has made the first repetition of Triangular Face, a hard boulder problem, located near Triangular Lake, close to the Russian Border with Finnland.

More comps in Europe & more sends by Puccio | OnBDigest 23/07/2017

Over the last days, we’ve had several international comps in Europe. Meanwhile, Alex Puccio keeps climbing hard stuff in the Rockies. Let’s catch up with the latest bouldering news!

Alexey Rubtsov crushing in Switzerland

In the first days of 2017, Russian star Alexey Rubtsov spent some days bouldering in Switzerland. Here’s a video with some highlights of the trip, including his ascent of Dave Graham’s From Dirt Grows the Flower, graded 8C | V15.

Alex Puccio and Nathaniel Coleman, 2017 USA Champions

Alex Puccio and Nathaniel Coleman have won the 2017 USA Bouldering Nationals held this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is Puccio’s 10th National title, an unprecedented record, and Coleman’s second. Ashima Shiraishi, Kai Lightner, Brook Raboutou and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

USA Nationals: Sean McColl and Daniel Woods out of semis

After a very long qualifying round, the big news is that two of the favorites, Sean McColl (winner in 2011) and Daniel Woods (9 times USA Champion) didn’t make semis. Alexey Rubtsov and Ashima Shiraishi lead the scoreboard.

8C’s for Rubtsov and Albert

Low winter temperatures in Europe haven’t stopped Alexey Rubtsov and Charles Albert from going outside and trying really hard. Both have climbed 8C | V15 boulders in the last days.

Adidas Rockstars 2015 | Finals highlights video

Here’s our full summary of the Adidas Rockstars 2015 finals. Showing every single problem including the superfinals.