Meadowlark Lemon stand by Anna Stöhr

Austrian climber and 2 times Bouldering World Champion Anna Stöhr has climbed the standing start of what’s probably the most iconic boulder in the Red Rocks of Nevada, Meadowlark Lemon. The line, graded V13 | 8B, was first climbed from the sit by Paul Robinson in 2012.

Slow Moments 2016 by LT11

One of the best bouldering videos you gonna see this year! Like they did the last two seasons, Louder Than Eleven has put together a slow-motion highlight reel of the World Cup in Vail. And I think it is the best so far, the images are simply beautiful and the sound effects are perfect.

Anna Stöhr sends Loskot’s Wrestling with an Alligator, 8B | V13

Anna Stöhr seems to be in pretty good shape for the imminent World Cup season. A couple of weeks ago she won the Austrian Championships and she just climbed her fifth 8B problem, Wrestling with an Alligator, in Maltatal, Austria.

Lukas Ennemoser and Anna Stöhr win the 2016 Austrian Championships

Austria held its Bouldering Nationals in the city of Graz this weekend. Veterans Lukas Ennemoser and Anna Stöhr won the title ahead of the younger generation represented by Jessica Pilz (19), Georg Parma (18), Fraziska Sterrer (17) and (to a lesser degree) Max Rudigier (22).

Highlights reel from La Sportiva Legends Only 2015

We’ve finally published the second part of our Legends Only coverage. If in the previous video we saw how the climbers prepared the problems, now we’ll see how they did in the real comp.

The Working Session: La Sportiva Legends Only 2015

Here you have the first part of our video summary of La Sportiva Legends Only 2015. Take a detailed look at what took place during the working session and watch Anna Stöhr, Janja Garnbret, Melissa Le Nevé, Juliane Wurm and Shauna Coxsey working the problems and figuring out the sequences.

La Sportiva Legends Only 2015 | Preview

The international comps are not over, this Saturday Stockholm will host the last big bouldering of the season: La Sportiva Legends Only. We will be there offering exclusive coverage of the event.

European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Aftermath

The European Bouldering Championship has been the perfect event to illustrate why this season may be the most interesting to date. It is very hard to tell who are the favorites; the famous guys are strong, but so is everyone else.

European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Results

Jule Wurm and Jan Hojer are the 2015 European Bouldering Champions. The podium was completed by Anna Stöhr, Adam Ondra, Katha Saurwein and Stefan Scarperi.

European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Semifinals

Really hard problems in the semifinal round in Innsbruck. Many big names are out, and we have a very unusual lineup for the finals.