Super hard ascents catch-up

The world-wide sendfest continues, climbers are taking full advantage of the cool temperatures and opening and repeating hard stuff all over the place. Let’s catch up with some of it.

Video: Charles Albert climbing Monkey Wedding barefoot!

Here’s the video of Charles Albert’s ascent of Monkey Wedding (8C | V15).

Charles Albert climbs Monkey Wedding, 8C | V15, barefoot!

French climber Charles Albert has repeated Fred Nicole’s Monkey Wedding, considered V15 | 8C, without the use of climbing shoes (Albert is notorious for his very hard barefoot ascents).

8C’s for Rubtsov and Albert

Low winter temperatures in Europe haven’t stopped Alexey Rubtsov and Charles Albert from going outside and trying really hard. Both have climbed 8C | V15 boulders in the last days.

Catching up with the 8C sendfest

If last week we were talking about hard ascents by female boulderers, this time we are catching up with all the hard climbing that the guys have been doing all over the planet. 8C’s have been opened and repeated in 3 continents!