Massive 8C Catch-Up

Time to play catch up with all the super hard ascents that have been done all over the world in the last weeks. Grab a map, let’s go!

Nayuta V16 movie review

Dai Koyamada climbed his V16 | 8C+ boulder Nayuta in April of last year. He recently published a movie following the projecting process and final ascent. It depicts that one boulder in meticulous detail, showing the slow progress made by Koyamada, try after try until he finally succeeded.

V15’s by Rauch, Jelonek and Koyamada

Over the last week The Story of Two Worlds, one of the most famous V15 | 8C problems in Europe has seen 3 ascents (two of them by the same climber!) and Dai Koyamada has added yet another super hard first ascent to his legendary resume.

Dai Koyamada keeps delivering, Gekirin is his latest 8C | V15

Japanese legend Dai Koyamada seems to be immune to the effects of aging. The 41 year old has been opening 8C’s for at least 14 years (according to his profile, his first 8C FA, Byaku-dou, is from 2003). Less than a year ago he climbed his 8C+ | V16 proposal, Nayuta, and he just […]

Super hard ascents catch-up

The world-wide sendfest continues, climbers are taking full advantage of the cool temperatures and opening and repeating hard stuff all over the place. Let’s catch up with some of it.

Tour de Bloc, TNF Boulder Masters, Hard ascents in Japan… OnBouldering Digest 19/04/17

We have a lot of bouldering news to catch up with! Comps in Europe, Canada and South America and hard ascents all over the world. Tons of links below the video!

Dai Koyamada opens Nayuta, V16 | 8C+ proposal in Japan

Japanese legend Dai Koyamada continues putting up new lines at the cutting edge of bouldering difficulty. On the 4th of April, he climbed his latest (and hardest according to him) project. Nayuta is a 27-move problem located in Gero, Japan.

Hard climbs by Rocasolano and Koyamada

Braving the high temperatures in the Northern hemisphere Alberto Rocasolano and Dai Koyamada have been able to add new hard ascents to their impressive resumes. An 8C repetition for the Spaniard and a new V14|15 for the Japanese.

8C’s for Koyamada and Murai

Japan is on fire! After the hard ascents we talked about last week, Dai Koyamada has added a new 8C | V15 first ascent to his already impressive resume. And another of Koyamada’s creations, Vanitas (also 8C), has been repeated by Ryuichi Murai.

Jorg Verhoeven repeats The Wheel of Life

Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven has repeated what’s probably the most famous line in Australia: The Wheel of Life, a massive linkage of several roof boulder problems in Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians.