Bad holds, slightly overhanging… another old-school gem! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Gabri Moroni faced with a pretty hard line that shut down most climbers in the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup in Grindelwald. Only 5 tops and nobody climbed it in less than 3 tries. The last move was very difficult but, on his 6th attempt, Gabri found the way […]

Revenge of the veterans, Moroni and Noguchi win in Hachioji

In this age in which it looks like teenagers are crushing comps every weekend, a couple of seasoned veterans, Gabri Moroni and Akiyo Noguchi took the gold in Hachioji. Both were competing before the IFSC even existed!

The footholds were all wrong! | Sunday Sends

Happy Sunday! This week we gonna go back to the World Championships of 2014 in Munich, where Italian crusher Gabriele Moroni had to top a technical problem to get his ticket to semifinals. Enjoy!

Gabri Moroni closes a great September with an 8C | V15

September has been a great month for Italian climber Gabriele Moroni. He considers it one of his ‘most productive months ever’, having climbed 3 hard lines that would make any climber proud.

Rocklands is in full season!

The South African paradise of Rocklands is full to the brim with crushers hiding from the high Summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Superclassic and superhard lines have been repeated left and right. Just this week Alex Khazanov climbed Monkey Wedding 8C | V15 and Marine Thevenet repeated Fragile Steps 8B | v13.

8C ascents by MacLeod, Moroni and Murai

The rock climbing doesn’t stop just because we are too busy with the World Cups. In the last days Dave MacLeod and Gabriele Moroni have repeated Practice of the Wild and Ryuichi Murai continued his sendfest with Hydrangea.

Gabri Moroni proves his Ninja Skills

Italian climber Gabri Moroni has repeated one of Nalle Hukkataival’s most famous problems: Ninja Skills, a long and tall 8B+ | V14 located in Sobrio, Switzerland.

The 8B (V13) Flashers Club

Red Carpet

To join The 8B Flashers Club you must have flashed at least one boulder problem that, at that very moment, was considered 8B | V13 or harder.