The Spanish Cup finishes at Sharma Climbing, Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala claim the title

The fourth and last stage of the Spanish Bouldering Cup took place in Barcelona, at Chris Sharma’s gym, over the weekend. Jonatan Flor and Julia Pinggera won the comp and, on the overall rank, Flor and Itziar Zabala claimed the title.

Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala, 2017 Spanish Bouldering Champions

Last weekend, Barcelona hosted the 2017 Spanish Bouldering Championships. Jonatan Flor defended his title while Itziar Zabala, who had already won the national cup in 2015, won her first national championship.

8B’s for Le Nevé and Sinnhuber

Very hard sends for a bunch of ladies. Bouldering stars from France, Austria, Spain and the USA have been busy crushing on rock and sending hard lines close in their respective countries.

Training with the Spanish Team

Last summer the Spanish Bouldering Team organized a training camp to prepare for the IFSC comps. They did competition simulations and worked on their problem-reading skills, their coordination and their slab climbing. I was honored to be invited to shoot video, here’s the final product.