The day Jan Hojer turned rain into gold | Sunday Sends

No more World Champions for a while! Today we gonna see a climber that has never been World Champions but that has won his fair share of IFSC medals, Jan Hojer. We gonna review his last ascent from the first World Cup that he won. A competition in which initially he didn’t even make semis!

It doesn’t get much flatter than this! | Sunday Sends

Today we celebrate Jan Hojer’s ascent of Es Pontas with footage from a radically different problem: a super flat and technical slab from the 2015 World Cup in Munich. It only got two tops (out of 59 climbers) but Jan made it look pretty easy!

A ONE-ARMER to celebrate Bouldering World Championship finals!? Sunday Sends

Back in 2012, Jan Hojer was relatively unknown but he suddenly appeared in our radars when he made finals, in first place, during the World Champs in Paris. And he celebrated it with a proper display of power!

Rubtsov and Nonaka win Studio Bloc Masters 2018

Alexey Rubtsov and Miho Nonaka won the 2018 edition of Studio Bloc Masters in a spectacular final full of good problems and with plenty of tops. Jan Hojer, Janja Garnbret, Jernej Kruder and Fanny Gibert completed the podium.

Jan Hojer vs. Sean McColl | Compare & Contrast

In this episode we gonna compare how Jan Hojer and Sean McColl climbed a qualifying problem during the World Cup in Vail in 2014. Your perspective is welcome in the comment section!

Jim Pope and Rachel Carr win the BIFF 2018

The 2018 edition of the Beastmaker International Footless Festival ended in Sheffield with a big show full of stars. Louie Parkinson, Margo Hayes, Jan Hojer, Alex Megos and many others campused around in one of the most spectacular (and probably the silliest) climbing comp ever. Here you have some highlights!

The big final of the Bundesliga live on Saturday

This Saturday, Climbmax Stuttgart will host the final round of the Bundesliga, a massive, year-round series of bouldering competitions that take place all over Germany. Climbers have been competing since January in up to 11 events. On Saturday, after the 12th qualifying round, the top 6 will compete in the big final.

Jan Hojer climbing Quoi de Neuf 8C | V15

Impressive video of Jan Hojer’s climbing Quoi de Neuf, a long roof problem in Fontainebleau graded 8C | V15. Rémy Bergasse did the first ascent in 2008 and it was repeated in 2015 by Sébastien Bouin and Alban Levier.

Sunday Sends: Jan Hojer crushing in Toronto

In this edition of Sunday Sends we travel to Canada to watch German powerhouse Jan Hojer sending the first problem in the male final of the 2014 IFSC Bouldering World Cup. He was the only one who managed to top it.

The Climb Open Boulder Festival Live Tomorrow!

The 6th edition of The Climb Open Boulder Festival will take place this Saturday in Madrid. 200 climbers, 30 problems, costumes, barbecue, and Jan Hojer as invited star. If you are in town make sure you show up, if not, the final will be streamed live on youtube!