2017 USA Youth Championships results

The USA Youth Bouldering Championships took place last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Among the champions, Ashima Shiraishi, Kai Lightner and Margo Hayes, all of them finalists in the Open Category that took place two weeks ago.

Alex Puccio and Nathaniel Coleman, 2017 USA Champions

Alex Puccio and Nathaniel Coleman have won the 2017 USA Bouldering Nationals held this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is Puccio’s 10th National title, an unprecedented record, and Coleman’s second. Ashima Shiraishi, Kai Lightner, Brook Raboutou and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

Kai Lightner and Alex Puccio, champions of the Dark Horse Series

The 8th edition of the Dark Horse Series ended in Boston, Massachusetts, with the Championship event held at Metro Rock Climbing. Alex Puccio defended her title, winning her 8th competition in a row, and Kai Lightner won on the male side. Megan Lynch, Gabriele Moroni, Brook Raboutou and Tyler Landman completed the podium.