Bonus? I don’t need no stinking bonus! Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna review a bold ascent by Czech crusher Martin Stranik, who during the World Championships in Paris decided to go straight for the top, without touching the bonus at all.

Massive 8C Catch-Up

Time to play catch up with all the super hard ascents that have been done all over the world in the last weeks. Grab a map, let’s go!

New V15’s by Timonov, Stranik and Quero

Looks like the European Summer is no obstacle for the outdoor crushers. Russian Vadim Timonov, Czech Martin Stranik and Spaniard Cesar Quero have recently established new V15’s | 8C’s in their respective countries.

Catalan Witness the Fitness by Martin Stranik

Martin Stranik has repeated Chris Sharma’s Catalan Witness the Fitness, in Cova de Ocell, Spain. The Czech did a quick ascent, investing only two days. Sharma opened the line a year ago and since then it has been repeated by Alberto Rocasolano, Felipe Camargo, and Nacho Sánchez.

Martin Stranik crushes in Magic Wood

Czech climber Martin Stranik spent some productive days in Magic Wood, Switzerland, over which he climbed several hard lines, including Ill Trill, Mystic Stylez and From Shallow Waters to Riverbed, all graded 8B+ | V14.

Slow Moments 2016 by LT11

One of the best bouldering videos you gonna see this year! Like they did the last two seasons, Louder Than Eleven has put together a slow-motion highlight reel of the World Cup in Vail. And I think it is the best so far, the images are simply beautiful and the sound effects are perfect.

Why didn’t Stranik get the bonus?

Martin Stranik didn’t get the bonus on the last problem in Meiringen, despite the fact that he touched it in control. Why? Is that ok? Here’s a quick answer.

Martin Stranik climbs The Story of Two Worlds 8C | V15

Czech climber Martin Stranik has gone on an 18-day sending rampage in Switzerland. According to his scoreboard he’s climbed at least 7 problems graded 8B or harder, including Dave Graham’s testpiece The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Aftermath

The European Bouldering Championship has been the perfect event to illustrate why this season may be the most interesting to date. It is very hard to tell who are the favorites; the famous guys are strong, but so is everyone else.

European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Semifinals

Really hard problems in the semifinal round in Innsbruck. Many big names are out, and we have a very unusual lineup for the finals.