Nalle Hukkataival developing The Realm in Rocklands

Last summer, Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival spent weeks developing a new sector, The Realm, in the bouldering paradise of Rocklands, South Africa. Now Kevin Takashi Smith has released a video about those days of hard work and first ascents. Enjoy!

“You almost want it to be more special”, Nalle Hukkataival reflects on his ascent of Burden of Dreams V17 | 9A

About a year ago, Finnish athlete Nalle Hukkataival made history by climbing the infamous Lappnor project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it 9A | V17, the first ever. A short movie was made of that ascent (and the long process that led to it), and now an interview recorded right after the ascent […]

Hukkataival repeats two of Squamish’s hardest problems

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has been bouldering in Squamish (British Columbia, Canada) and he has pulled off the first repetition of The Singularity, a very hard line that stood unrepeated for more than a decade. Here it is, on video, along with an ascent of The Reckoning V14 | 8B+, another of Squamish’s hardest boulders.

The sendage continues in Rocklands

The hard ascents in Rocklands keep piling. After the repetitions of Monkey Wedding, hard First Ascents, 8B+ Flashes, and female 8B repetitions… now Nalle Hukkataival and Shawn Raboutou have repeated, and upgraded, Jimmy Webb’s KhoiKhoi. Meanwhile Jakob Schubert has been busy sending 70 double-digits (including 2 V13 flashes).

The Finnish Line, Hukkataival’s latest superproblem

Finnish crusher Nalle Hukkataival is back in Rocklands, South Africa, doing his thing. 3 days ago he managed to climb his latest super project, calling it The Finnish Line, a proud arete that Hukkataival considers ‘a new contender for the hardest in Rocklands‘.

Nalle Hukkataival sends the Lappnor project, “Burden of Dreams”, world’s first V17

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has climbed his longest and hardest boulder to date, the infamous Lappnor Project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it V17 | 9A, which would make it the hardest problem ever climbed.

Sisu Masters 2016 – Finland vs. USA

Another comp full of big names! Sisu Masters will take place this Saturday in Helsinki. Nalle Hukkataival, Anthony Gullsten and Ilari Kelloniemi will represent Finland and compete against the USA team: Dave Graham, Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods.

The Globalist, 8B/+ Flash by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb has added another impressive flash to his resume by repeating The Globalist first-try. Located near Helsinki, The Globalist was opened in 2009 by Nalle Hukkataival, who proposed the 8B+ | V14 grade. Since then some repeaters have suggested the downgrade to 8B | V13. In any case, a very hard problem and one […]

Alex Puccio sends Jade, 8B+ | V14

Alex Puccio has done the first female ascent of Jade, one of the most iconic boulder problems in North America. It took her only 4 sessions, sending first go the fourth day. With this ascent Puccio becomes the fourth woman ever to climb a 8B+ | V14 problem.

Red Bull Creepers – Chris Sharma still rules

Last weekend in Puente la Reina, Spain, Chris Sharma proved once again that he’s the master of psicobloc, a.k.a. deep water soloing. The American won the Red Bull Creepers competition against some of the most talented climbers out there, including big stars like Nalle Hukkataival and Rustam Gelmanov.