Video gems: Nina Williams on Ray of Light 8B | V13

Back in 2015, American climber Nina Williams made the first (and so far only) female ascent of Ray of Light, an 8B | V13 boulder problem located in Rocklands, South Africa, and opened by Fred Nicole. Now a video of the ascent, an excerpt from the climbing film ZA, has been published. Enjoy.

Psicobloc and V14 Flashes | OnB Digest 30/07/2017

The biggest Deep Water Soloing comp in the World, a V14 flash… let’s catch up with the latest bouldering news!

Nina Williams climbing Ambrosia V11 | 8A

Here’s a beautiful video of American climber Nina Williams doing the first female ascent of Ambrosía, one of the most famous highballs on Earth, graded V11 | 8A, and about 15 meters (50 feet) tall.

Nina Williams on Evilution Direct (FFA)

Beautiful video of Nina William’s ascent of Evilution Direct (V11 | 8A), one of the most famous highballs on the planet.

8B (V13) Senders Ladies Club

Red Carpet

Very few women have managed to send a problem graded 8B | V13 (and only eight have climbed an 8B+ | V14). This grade of difficulty represents the very cutting edge of female bouldering.

ABS Nationals Finals Live Today!

Two climbers during the ABS Nationals Qualifiers

The 2013 ABS Nationals, basically the USA Bouldering Championship, is taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this weekend. Yesterday they had the qualifying round and today the top 20 male and female boulderers will go on with the semis and the finals.

ABS Nationals this weekend + Rock Rodeo recap

ABS Nationals banner

Remember ladies and gentlemen that this weekend the ABS Nationals (the USA championships) will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado.