Ruben Díaz repeats La Teoría del Todo, 8C | V15

Just 4 months after a pulley injury, Spaniard Ruben Díaz has managed to do the first repetition of Albert Rocasolano’s La Teoría del Todo in Albarracín, Spain.

The 8B (V13) Flashers Club

Red Carpet

To join The 8B Flashers Club you must have flashed at least one boulder problem that, at that very moment, was considered 8B | V13 or harder.

Weekly Bouldering Digest – 17 February 2013

Traversi climbing Meadowlark Lemon

This week is all about hard problems climbed on real rock. Big names climbing big grades all over the globe. We also have some competition results and, as always, a bunch of bouldering videos to get you psyched.