Ryuichi Murai, sendage in Magic Wood

Japanese climber Ryuichi Murai is in Magic Wood, braving the high temperatures and sending hard stuff left and right. In the span of two weeks he has climbed more than a dozen double-digits, including 3 of the hardest problems in the area.

Tour de Bloc, TNF Boulder Masters, Hard ascents in Japan… OnBouldering Digest 19/04/17

We have a lot of bouldering news to catch up with! Comps in Europe, Canada and South America and hard ascents all over the world. Tons of links below the video!

Epitaph V15 | 8C, repeated by Ryuichi Murai

Japanese climber Ryuichi Murai has repeated Dai Koyamada’s Epitaph, located in Hourai, Japan, and opened in 2009. This is Murai’s 7th V15 | 8C boulder problem after Vanitas, Hydrangea, Babel, Orochi, Spray of Light and Asagimadara.

Ryuichi Murai, the unknown V15 climber

Earlier this year news of a young Japanese climber repeating hard stuff started popping up in climbing media sites. In less than a month, Ryuichi Murai climbed Hydrangea, Vanitas and Babel, all of them graded V15 | 8C. Most of us were left scratching our heads wondering who this guy was. Now EpicTV Adventure has […]

8C ascents by MacLeod, Moroni and Murai

The rock climbing doesn’t stop just because we are too busy with the World Cups. In the last days Dave MacLeod and Gabriele Moroni have repeated Practice of the Wild and Ryuichi Murai continued his sendfest with Hydrangea.

8C’s for Koyamada and Murai

Japan is on fire! After the hard ascents we talked about last week, Dai Koyamada has added a new 8C | V15 first ascent to his already impressive resume. And another of Koyamada’s creations, Vanitas (also 8C), has been repeated by Ryuichi Murai.

Hard sends in Japan by Murai, Amma, Chon and Ondra

A triple ascent of an 8C highball, a near flash of an 8B+ and a repetition of a long, horizontal 8C roof problem. Let’s catch up with some of the hard ascents Japan has seen lately.