Kuzan, new V15 | 8C by Toshi Takeuchi

Japanese Boulderer Toshi Takeuchi has finished his project in Mie, Japan, calling it Kuzan and grading it V15 | 8C. The project is an extension of Borsalino, an V14 | 8B+ problem opened by Tatsuya Muraoka and repeated by Takeuchi last year.

Catching up with the 8C sendfest

If last week we were talking about hard ascents by female boulderers, this time we are catching up with all the hard climbing that the guys have been doing all over the planet. 8C’s have been opened and repeated in 3 continents!

Weekly Digest – 30 December 2012

Hard boulders have been sent in 3 continents: Toru Nakajima has done the second ascent of Tokoyo 8C | V15 in Kasagi, Japan. The problem was put up by Dai Koyamada last year. Source: 8a.nu Also in Japan and also a Dai Koyamada’s problem: Toshi Takeuchi has done Agartha 8B+ | V14 in Toyota. Here’s a really nice […]