Taylor McNeill climbs The Big Island, 8C | V15

American climber Taylor McNeil has spent 3 weeks in France, bouldering in Fontainebleau. McNeil has repeated several classics including The Big Island, one of the most iconic problems in the forest.

McNeill sending The Big Island 8C | V15

Back in 2009 I first watched the movie the players where Dave Graham climbs The Island. Something about it stuck out and since that day it was always in the back of my mind. “One day I’ll climb that” I would tell myself.”

McNeill sent the problem on the very last session of the trip. Not sure about his chances on the The Big Island, he first climbed The Island (which starts a bit higher and is considered 8B+ | V14). Encouraged by his success, he decided to try the whole thing and climbed it in two tries.

The Big Island was first climbed by Vincent Pochon in 2009, since then it has been repeated by climbers like Jan Hojer, Jimmy Webb, Guillaume Glairon-Mondet or Ned Feehally. There’s also a long-standing project to start the line from a sitting position. Climbers like Jimmy Webb or Jan Hojer have been working on it.

During the trip, McNeill sent many other classics, including Elephunk and Bleu Sacre (both 8B | V13), Imothep 8A | V11 (he flashed it) and the first 6A | V3 problem ever, La Marie Rose, which, as it happens quite often with this tricky line, he couldn’t flash (“[La Marie Rose] must be harder [than Imothep] because I couldn’t flash it” he wrote).

On Elephunk 8B | V13, which he climbed in an hour

On Bleu Sacre 8B | V13

Flashing Imothep 8A | V11

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