The 8B (V13) Flashers Club

To join The 8B Flashers Club you must have flashed at least one boulder problem that, at that very moment, was considered 8B | V13 or harder.

Here’s the list of climbers that have pulled that off:

Honorable mentions
As jjj hhh points out in the comments, Jan Hojer flashed El Corazon (Rocklands) in 2012. I didn’t include him because Hojer himself suggested V12 for the problem.

If you know of someone else who should be on the list please contact me!

PS.: We all know how subjective grades are so this list is not to be taken 100% seriously, take it as a geeky curiosity.


  1. whats about jan hojer?
    alt least he flashed one 8B
    El Corazon and Green Mamaba

    • Hum… not sure about Hojer, the criterion is “flashing a boulder problem considered 8B|V13 or harder at the time of the ascent”. Green Mamba is considered 8A+/B so it doesn’t count. El Corazon was graded V12 by Hojer himself, when I compiled the list I decided not to include it but now I think I’m gonna edit the post to mention it.

      But we all know how grades go, so this list is more of a geeky curiosity than a serious “olympic records” thing.

      Also, I don’t think there’s a climbing fan alive who doubts about Hojer’s capacity to flash an 8B.

      And thanks a lot for the comment!

  2. The master of the flash (JWebb) also flashed The Power of One on the same day Gabri Moroni did.

  3. Andy Gullsten’s flash of King of Limbs has to be the most impressive ever! (no offense Daniel and Adam)

  4. As some of the listed flashes are very well confirmed down gradings it seem not fair to include them or at least mark them as such. Otherwise such list promote grade inflation. Further more, it is not fair that guys that give personal down grades have less chance to get into the list in comparison to the guys just taking the topo grade.

  5. Eric Jerome says:

    Honorary mention goes to Brad Weaver who flashed Veritas V11 and then did the sit Bear Toss V13 next try.

  6. Jon Plesser says:

    Dan Fong flashed Shelter, too!

  7. Jakob also recently flashed the never ending story.

  8. and will bosi just flashed on in the UK

  9. Eric Jerome says:

    taylor mcneill flashed the right in colorado, although it has been called 12

  10. Eric Jerome says:

    Pol roca just flashed mother night 8b and jakob also flashed anam cara

  11. Eric Jerome says:

    Ben Herrington flashed Kaizen in Leavenworth

  12. Sergei Topishko flashed Boogalaga and Shawn RAb Spectre

  13. Tristan Chen L’insoutenable and Noah Wheeler Slasher

  14. Noah Wheeler flashed Slasher 8B on 3/18/22. He’s probably the first person to ever flash it!

  15. Will Bosi flashed a couple recently and a 8B+. Vadim Timonov flashed Elephunk


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